Trimergo ERP Partner and Reseller

Trimergo T2 is the premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for project-driven industries. This innovative software optimizes material and capacity planning per projects/orders, which are managed in the portfolio planning. The result is: shorter lead times, higher project margins, optimal resource allocation and comfort.

Trimergo T2 is the perfect solution for project-driven companies. With more than 10,000 users, many companies in project-driven industries, from small businesses to international corporations, rely on Trimergo T2 to deliver on time and on budget.

Trimergo flows with your production processes, starting in the sales phase when a customer request slowly turns into a quotation with a project outline.

Engineering has likely already created first sketches and must be ready to pull out all the stops when the contract is signed.

Then bills of material get a form, and procurement can start with longlead items. In the meantime, capacity planning, which may include subcontracting, is being determined. Logistics, such as shipping and outsourcing, must be closely monitored.

After that, all components are assembled and tested, within the company or onsite. As soon as the project is delivered, a long-term service relationship with the customer begins.

Planning is at the core of all these processes. It drives the entire portfolio of quotes, projects, and service orders.

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