Once 360

Developed for complex multidiscipline engineering tasks, Once 360 combines deep industry insight with state-of-the-art software for increased competitiveness and value creation.

Once 360 unleashes the power in your data to speed up engineering, procurement, manufacturing and service, by allowing the reuse of products, modules and parts of previous projects.

Once 360 allows you to standardize and reuse anything from minor engineering details to entire projects. Reusing previously engineered and tested solutions significantly reduces risks associated with the development of new products. 

Once 360 is a scalable solution designed to suit small and medium-sized enterprises just as well as large corporations. Our customers are designers and producers of multidiscipline products or systems. They combine expertise from several disciplines in order to make products and deliver projects. Traditionally, multidiscipline products require silos of software that are often insufficiently integrated and thus ineffective.

The strength of Once 360 lies in its ability to combine all disciplines in a fully integrated software system. All involved parties may access one system to find the data necessary to get the job done. Changes made in one module, are of course automatically updated throughout the system. Once, and for all.

Once 360 comprises modules for CAD and procurement. But if you prefer to use your own CAD system or to handle procurements in your ERP system, Once 360 allows for you to do so effortlessly.

Once 360 provides a complete overview of your products, including complete multidiscipline bill of materials with all relevant drawings, specifications and documentation requirements. Bill of materials includes even the finest details, down to cable termination details, nuts and bolts.

Once 360 meets even the most rigid project requirements, and provides easy storage and easy access to all projects. No more searching around for documentation in a traditional file system. Keep it all online, searchable and readily available. 


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, 
then Once 360 is the system for you!

Is it hard to meet deadlines due to lack of document control?
Once 360 Document helps you plan and follow-up production and distribution of documentation with all documents in one integrated system. Once 360 Document includes check-in and check-out of documents, electronic authorization and traceable distribution.

Do you spend a lot of time downloading and opening documents to find the right information?
Once 360 Document previews all documents in a highly responsive web portal, allowing you to navigate and read content without actually downloading the document.

Is it hard to cooperate across disciplines?
Once 360 Project gathers all disciplines and organizes data and drawings in one product definition, making everything available in a bill of materials structure with references to all drawings, specifications and requirements. 

Is it hard to plan and follow-up on construction?
Once 360 Project puts you in control of design data and analyzes the quality of data, drawings and documents, providing you with an overview of progress and status.

Are you wasting time and money on engineering instead of capitalizing on what you have already engineered? 
Once 360 Product lets you reuse products, modules and parts of previous projects. It also enables deliverances based on configurations of standard products and assembly of finished product modules. It is a system for standardization and reuse.

Is it hard to achieve the right quality of drawings with consistent data?
Spend your time on quality assurance of design, instead of making sure your data are consistent. Once 360 CAD finds design data in a common source. It stores your drawings and makes sure that data is correctly and automatically updated on all drawings. 

Do you spend time translating design data to procurement data in your ERP-system?
Once 360 BOM is a source for product definition in a format recognized by all ERP systems: Item, BOM and documents.

Do you waste time on producing a basis for procurement?
Once 360 PO generates a basis for procurement based on design data. You are in full control of which items are ordered, received and put to use. 

Do you spend time recreating data from various systems when trying to create a digital twin, or you need design data for other purposes?
Once 360 Digital Twin is one source for all project data and files for all disciplines in one digital interface.