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Engineering Systems knows the complexity related to delivery of custom designed systems to offshore and shipping industry. We have developed an efficient Method and a system that improve the quality and ease the Exchange of data and documentation between different actors in the process.

Egil Myr
General Manager
Engineering Systems AS

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Once® accelerates our design, we wouldn’t manage the quality in drawings and indexes without!

Anstein Jorud
Dept. Mngr. Drilling Control
Cameron Sense

Nearshore development

In 2012 we expanded and moved part of product development and testing to our new office in Bucharest, Romania.

In addition to software development, we also have a team of engineers specializing in el/instrument engineering for hazardous and/or marine environments.

The offices in Kristiansand and Romania share a common IT infrastructure. We make extensive use of virtualization and web based collaboration systems like Microsoft Lync.

In addition to development and testing of our own products, we also provide a range of services to customers.

Software development: Extending the functionality of Autodesk products, database applications, CAD and ERP integrations and general software development services.

Engineering: Configuring product baselines for new and existing customers as well as assisting in project work.