From 2D/3D to production

The key to design driven delivery is to secure high quality and precise specifications. Sources of this information is contained both in 2D/3D tools, but also in technical datasheets. Once Portal lets you collect your requirements - ensuring the form, fit and function are specified in all necessary detail. This simplifies next steps of the process which is procurement and manufacturing of parts. Follow-up of a project becomes much simpler with everything in one engineering database, which is accessible to all roles in your company  as well as other stakeholders.

Once® Portal is a "all-in-one" solution which gives you full overview of all parts and assemblies in a Project, and more technical details than a traditional ERP system:


  • Standard, project, procurement and manufacturing BOMs
  • Parts and Tags; Reusable symbols, blocks on drawings
  • Common interface for all disciplines
  • Generic document production facility

Procurement and Inventory management:

  • Overview of P.O. and delivery status
  • All necessary warehouse reports
  • Project controlling functions

Document controlling:

  • Packages and individual delivery, status and progress
  • Flexible meta-data structures, milestones and statuses
  • Index reports to Excel instead of Source in Excel
  • Review and approval workflows (360 degrees)