Prepare for the future with PLM

Engineering Systems participated in PI PLMx 2018 in Hamburg along with software, integration and consulting companies within the CAD/PLM industry. Speakers where Volove, JCB, Airbus among others. They talked about how PLM is an improvement process that needed to be measured. Management want tangible results in order to invest in a PLM program.

It is often said: "What you can't measure, you can't improve". This was true for most of the presenters at the Marketkey PI PLM 2018 in Hamburg. Companies like Volvo, JCB and Airbus talked about how they were improving their PLM processes within their organizations by measuring Key Performance Indicators. Below are some KPIs for PLM maturity:

KPIs for PLM maturity:
1. Number increase in use of standard items
2. Reduced warranty cost per product
3. Reuse instead of making new 2D / 3D models on projects

An impressive PLM journey with 100% dedication was required. Still, key were the focus on measurable and tangible results. This required systems - not silos of information, but data that are connected through IT systems and made measurable across.

Once CAD/PLM all data is the same open and transparent MS-SQL database for all people in the company. Transparency of numbers are easy even when integrating with most ERP systems.

You might add the number of people that are trained for PLM - this was another Key Performance Indicator. 

4. Number of adopters of PLM in your organization.

This is what the best practise companies focus on. Have a look at some of our tools to
start improving your PLM processes today.