Document Archive

In order to get started at "Once", our DMS archive comes with 3 default configured archives; basis-for-the-work, product-archive and project or customer archive. The idea is to separate the archives per roles among   internal employees, customers and vendors and 3rd other parties. Easy-to-configure dropdown menus makes you available to start with the solution in less than a day.

Document archive functions are easy editing and check-in of documents. Authoring and specification of archive content with what is public and what is internal. Also, the configuration of versions / revisions and status codes for the document objects.

Three 3 basic archives:
Basis-for-the-work may contain procedures, work instructions and other standards your company have.

Project documents have default workflow that includes the customer specific revisions and status fields. This set the stage for high quality professional review of designs and specs.

Product documents normally have a tree-structure / decomposition model easy uploaded from Excel or otherwise entered manually.

Download our Once DMS product sheet for more information.