Reduce scrap, waste and rework

The 8 wastes of lean are famous to industry improvement. You have heard time and time again: "We need to optimize our work processes and minimize waste of time and material". We include "optimize your data", both structures and workflows and how you share information. This is important quality work!

Once CAD/PLM system is often used for quality assurance purposes. To make sure that the data of your oil and gas installation is complete, detailed and ready for operation. Sometimes we are missing detail drawings, documents, tags, datasheets or certificates of conformity.

This may cause delays of start of operation, especially, when it is about fire and gas, or health and safety systems. But even more trivial processes of detailing documents may fail. Did you distribute the correct version of a drawing? Did you update your 3D model after last design review session with the client? Have you issued the right document package to the vendor for building this product?

Work process improvements both in engineering and manufacturing has many facets. Once CAD/PLM endeavour to support your work with keeping track of all items and data in a single project repository - and after the project is finished, to make sure you can reuse data on your next project.

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