Reuse your data

Once DMS archive and Once360 is design to reuse Once data. What is it and what are the benefits? In general, the purpose of is to share data among people in the delivery process, this means among the various stakeholders, be it employees, vendors and suppliers in a value chain.

Benefits of the reuse are obvious to us in the private sphere. We store our photos, documents, spreadsheets and share data using Dropbox or similar tools every day. In a business context, the structure of data may be different, but the need to collaborate is the same. The underlying concept is the cloud platform, which Once DMS and Once360 utilize.

Traditionally, DMS, ERP and CAD/PLM systems were huge "in-house" installations that contained silos of data hidden for the public. Of course, this is your intellectual property, but some of it is not. Some of these data is essentially what you want to and need to share with someone in your value chain.

Provided you do this in a safe and controlled way, your data about projects and products in your business may be shared and reused throughout the whole value chain.

The cloud is also important for easy maintenance of software. The future of engineering systems are scalable, affordable systems, which is easy to maintain / update, and as a result you get less hassle, better collaboration and quality in the communication processes.

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