Hvem bruker Once®?

Once® er utviklet over flere år i tett samarbeid med vår største kunde, Cameron Sense, et selskap i Schlumberger konsernet.

Once® has been developed over several years with our largest customer, Cameron Sense, now a part of the Schlumberger Group. 

Cameron required a solution for project-based equipment deliveries that enabled them to meet customer specifications with minimum engineering effort in a common system for all disciplines. 

With the Once® methodology and data model, this is handled efficiently in collaboration with ERP and the PDM system. 

Innovation Norway has supported the development. 



Once® effektiviserer prosessene våre og får oss til å se bra ut når vi kommuniserer med våre kunder.

Once® makes the process more efficient. This saves us time and money. 

The Biggest advantage of Once® is the ability to have data from different disciplines continuously and completely updated throughout the whole production process. Everything is always available to everyone. 

Once® enables us to standardize and streamline. 

Kjetil Salte, Department manager at K LUND Offshore.

Once® finner den rette balansen mellom enkel bruk og evnen til å effektivt håndtere våre krav innen Salg, Engineering, Project, Document Management og Supply Chain.

“Once® strikes the right balance between simplicity of use and the ability to efficiently handle Antec’s
requirements within Sales, Engineering, Project, Document Management, and Supply Chain.

 A key factor was the possibility to modularize the design with an automated system
for items and tags which enables re-use with loads of data and documentation
automatically transferred to a new project.

Once® methodology will do wonders for how we work throughout a project, from items and tags,
via BOM and P&ID to procurement and document management. Using Once®,
we now have the possibility to include electro- and instrumentation as
an integrated part of plant design so that the entire plant can be handled in one system”
Kristian Aas, Supply Chain Manager at Antec Biogas AS