Developed in cooperation with Cameron Sense

Once 360 has been developed in close cooperation with Cameron Sense, part of the world’s largest oil service company Schlumberger.

“Cameron Sense has a number of standardized products that are custom-fitted to suit each customer’s need. Cameron looked for ways to customize such products with less effort and engineering. Other systems could handle this for each discipline, but no system could handle the multiple disciplines involved in the making of Cameron products”, explains Rune Wold, Product Manager for Once 360.

Cameron was already a long-time user of the software and work methodology developed by Engineering Systems, the maker of Once 360, and entered into an agreement to develop a new software to cater Cameron’s specifications.

The development was funded by Innovation Norway, which in itself is a credit to the innovation and value creation potential of the project.

The result, Once 360, is implemented by Cameron Sense, a Schlumberger company.