”Full control of documentation”

“Once 360 Document gives us full control of our documentation,” says ITE Østerhus, producer and designer of industrial information technology solutions.

“Ever since we started using Once 360 Document, we spend less time on document control. In larger projects, which involve several of our employees and require a lot of time planning with our customers, it would usually be a challenge to keep on top of the production of documentation. But not anymore,” says Glenn Pedersen, Project Manager and Senior Project Engineer at ITE Østerhus.

ITE Østerhus is a consultancy for design and production of tailor-made solutions. Projects range from electrical panels to control systems and even complete solutions for information lines. With 20 employees and still growing, ITE Østerhus understands that project document requirements are increasing. Customers demand more documentation and a higher quality of documentation, compared to earlier years.

“With Once 360 Document we are always just a few clicks away from pulling up a live status of the project documentation. We used to produce monthly reports on documentation status and forecasting, which took a project manager several hours to compile. Now we just do a quick search in Once 360 and have live information available immediately”, says Pedersen.

When searching for a document control system, the most important features for ITE Østerhus were planning, following up and distribution of project documentation. They found Once 360 Document to be a good match.

“We immediately understood that this system was designed by people who understands project documentation. Once 360 functionality is a good fit with our documentation processes,” says Pedersen.