”Once saves us time and money”

“Once make our processes more efficient, saving us time and money,” says compressor producer K. LUND Offshore.

“For us, the most important Once feature is the ability to have all multidiscipline data continuously updated throughout one system, always available for all involved parties. Our projects typically span 12 months and include a number of co-workers. Once allows us to standardize and streamline our processes, eliminating errors and mishaps along the way,” says Håvard Larsen, Project Engineer at K. LUND Offshore.

As a leading producer of custom-made compressors for the oil and gas industry, K. LUND Offshore has more than 200 operational compressors in the North Sea. The company employs 40 people at their headquarters in Sola, Norway.

When implementing projects, K. LUND Offshore draws on expertise from multiple disciplines, such as instrumentation, materials, mechanical, electrical, drawing, control systems, document control.

“Once provides us with a better overview of products and projects, including documentation. Once makes us look good when communicating with clients. Our processes are well documented and can easily be presented to clients in need of assurance of good project management,” says Larsen.

When searching for a new project management tool in 2014, K. LUND Offshore considered several system suppliers. After a thorough process the company chose Once.

“What really sets Once apart from other systems, is the people behind the system. Once is not a product of a software company, but rather of an engineering company. It builds on decades of engineering experience. And it shows. The people behind Once understand what we do and how we think,” says Larsen.