Collaboration using cloud

More and more software will be available in the cloud for better collaboration, scalability of infrastructure and integration of work processes between value chains. Both your own employees - field service, vendors and customers will benefit from having your data available (shared) in the cloud in a secure matter.

Engineering Systems sees cloud as an integrated platform for CRM, CAD/PLM and ERP services and develops .Net, C# based programs which supports customer innovation, future processes and value streams. The values of cloud are among others:

  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Both Once DMS Archive and Once360 CAD/PLM can run in cloud or hybrid cloud architectures.

Then you get BOM parts, documents and drawings with full access control; Employees, customers and vendors are given access per project or product role as and when needed. Processing in the cloud may be set-up on many different plans based on your needs.

There are many different enterprise and cloud solutions setups to choose from, but our easiest (and default) is to run your data as single-tenant on the MS-Azure platform, which gives you a separate MS-SQL database where we offer support agreement for the Once software on top of the MS-Azure service from Microsoft.

Your benefits of this solution is lower, more variable cost, a scalable and secure IT platform, and all Microsoft licenses and upgrades included in the price. Choose between 6, 12 and 24 months subscription plans and you are ready without installing anything locally.

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