How to reuse your data

We offer software and services to improve industry performance. Based on re-use of your high quality data, you reduce work throughout engineering, procurement, manufacturing and service. This is the cleanup you need before you start the digitalization journey. This is the ultimate lean approach to cleaning up your files both in the office and in the workshop.

Since the beginning of the Once journey, it has been about improving engineering work processes. We strongly believe that your data, people and competencies defines your company. What if your product data is not reusable?

Once is the concept of reuse based on a single data source and to minimize work by structuring 2D / 3D and additional data throughout the engineering, procurement, fabrication and service processes.

The same data and documents are published (not duplicated) to clients, employees and vendors for maximum reuse from the same source. Our best practice on-premise, or cloud solution, is what's needed in the digital information age. Some call this a model-based CAD/PLM approach.

Our clients has always sought to reduce engineering hours by working out better engineering standards - 2D schematics, datasheets and other documents. However, it is now more about increasing customer experience. The formats has changed, but we still depend on the quality of our data, whether in 2D, 3D or video or PDF formats.

We started out reusing 2D schematics, now we reuse 3D models. The goals is the same; to save time. Same principles of reuse applies, and your product data is even more important than before. 
Our Once principle is about rational, lean thinking. Like office-automation, it starts with your own department and the way we work internally. Then how we distribute the data. By doing data right the first time based on good standards, you increase quality and reduce hours to correct it. You harvest the benefits of quality in the re-use. Few other CAD/PLM tools gives you the same overview in one single database linked to standard CAD tools other than Once. 

Your multi-discipline equipment data are structured and standardized using the Once principle. Our Portal, Once Go and Once360 solutions will ensure maximum re-use across your procurement, fabrication and service processes.

When your unique customer requirements differs on the next project, you can still re-use parts of your data - without copying. And, by that Once saves you several administrative steps. You also ensure complete control of your project documents, release of BOMs for production etc. All in all you optimize delivery processes with our Once tools.