Document control of site, product and project management

Engineering Systems on & offshore industry experience has resulted in a project management tool called Once DMS & DC. This is to ensure all deliveries including documentation is done on time. For the documents with deadlines, the project is the overall archive object. For product documents, it may be the next release of a software or system configuration. In addition, every organization has governing documents, certificates, procedyres and work instruction that are more general of nature.

Document control contains the archiving, authoring, controlling and distribution of documents in your organization. Our Once DMS comes with standard 3 archives:

1 - Site archive (procedures, work instructions, certificates)
2 - Product archive (your intellectual property)
3 - Project archive (your client deliverables)

You may have additional needs, like asset management and equipment installation history etc. This may also be included as additional archive objects. In fact, we set up your own configuration based on your preferences.

You classify your document objects in structures that may be shared with other roles in your company, or at vendor or client sites. Handling of the publishing process is easy by ticking meta-data columns, and complex documentation may be produced based on templates asking for paramters.

Technically, the solution may be running on your own infrastructure, be in a private or public cloud - or even hybrid. Rental or purchase is another option. Let us know your preference.

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