Plan, budget, control and deliver mission critical projects

Engineering Systems offers project management and ERP tools including document control. This means you control every aspect of your project from the purchase order from the client to equipment finishes testing on the customer site.

Project management is a science of its own. In on & offshore industries, to deliver on time is a sacret act. We do not deliver late, neither on equipment, nor documentation. With Once CAD/PLM and ERP you control both your assets, documents and the flow of transactions through your business.

Your process is key to making profit:
- quotation or project budget
- material estimation
- hours estimation
- setting the purchase plan
- planning and scheduling
- follow-up of manhours and item cost
- finishing production
- handover of asset
- maintance and overhaul

Every phase is system controlled, you may even plan sub-projects and book hours on that. Every transaction is automated as far as your process allows; Modules and interfaces are optional. Configuration is offered as required based on your most efficient work process (ETO*, CTO** etc.). 

Dashboards offer you traffic-lights and cake diagrams to keep track of profit in your projects. You either look at orders, projects or the company as an entity. This gives you bottom-line sales margin control.

Contact us for more information based on your process needs.