Manage product design, equipment and service processes

Engineering Systems offers a complete technical structured database that are designed to maintain products' functional specifications, 2D/3D model data, datasheets, but also "as-built" of the same structure for an operator plant or life cycle data of equipment for service and maintenance.

Our industry-based CAD/PLM solutions are based on best practises from the oil & gas, but is valid for on & offshore, marine as well as fabrication industries. We maintain multi-discipline, technical data down to symbol and signal data, but also important soft and hard meta-data for electrical and instrument management purposes.

We support the CAD/PLM and ERP processes from design, procurement and manufacturing of equipment for various clients within on & offshore project and service-oriented industries:

We store all level of details required for designers and owners of equipment:
- certificates of conformance
- classification of items for all specific discipline purposes
- component specifications and datasheets
- drawings, 2D/3D models and document/item relationships
- equipment for corrosive and harsh environment
- fire & gas equipment specifications
- instrumentation layout, circuit, loop & wiring diagrams
- manufacturing record books
- mechanical workshops welding procedures
- spare parts & warranty handling procedures
- user manuals for complex product variants

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