PLM for revenue improvement

Once CAD/PLM system supports revenue improvement. When you deliver complex products, you may experience customer purchase similar things - with a twist. This is often tricky to keep track of.

Common challenges in the project-oriented enterprise is the selling of almost same products to different projects. You need to keep track of differences, but still reuse as much of the parts and designs for the ones you "copy from". Once CAD/PLM systems have different mechanisms for doing that, thus, preserving your project margins.

  • Object inheritance
  • Part siblings
  • Variant management

In the instances above, we handle advanced relationships between parts and part structures so that you may have copies of design maintained as flexible through the lifecycle as possible. Target is to optimize revenue both through the project delivery phase and the service phase. You want the object / part to be maintainable as well as the possibility to reduce designs - or parts of designs. Variations may be different painting or ceritification using ABS instead of DNV.

In addition to this comes to concept of change management that occurs in the course of a project. This is also supported with appropriate workflow for larger organizations.

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