Document production

Once DMS book production is in essence that all document objects may contain sub-documents that may be individually planned and accounted for. Concatenation of documents into books are then available at the push of a button. 

Documents are planned in a project and part of the delivery is often document deliverables of complex documents that contain other documents, chapters, at the end making up a book with table-of-content; e.g. Manufacturing Record Book (MRB) or User Manuals (USM).

Subdocuments have individual tracking, editing and authoring functions similar to other objects, but they are sequenced and may be hidden to the public audience. You may say we compile the documents into larger documents - or books. This includes even vendor ceritificate of conformance, ABS or DNV, EEC certificates and similar.

Report making is easy. If it is a Once CAD/PLM tag list or office-documents in general. They are compiled and hashtags (#) / variables are then substituted with your specific content.

When report is run on these standard documents, they are automatically populated and made project / client specific - from that generic document. This saves both time and money.

For more information see Once DMS Archive product sheet or contact us for an online demo.