Document control

Once DMS document control is the execution of a project inside the project-archive. Documents are planned with dates, responsible parties and issued on workflow. Customer workflow is called transmittal workflow.

When your company want to deliver something it often is in the context of a project. You may use product-specs and standard drawings, but customers have specific needs you want include. These documents have review cycles and deadlines up to issue-for-construction.

These issue procedures with status and revision chains may be optionally configured. However, given scopes of 100-1000 documents to be issued you best have it in a system!

Functionality includes easy upload of Master Document List (MDL) from Excel or similar. In this way you may even copy a previous project, which is what many companies do. However, we recommend to reuse your product-archive and to this right "once, then you can issue the document to a project with specific front-sheets etc.

The document control process uses transmittals as a separate communication vehicle and to document - by logging, what has happened both on internal discipline checking and customer review cycles. Even the customer received changes is important to keep track of in different versions. You may keep this in a separate archive if need be.

Document control processes are different and may be configured to each and every project. Setting this up is part of the optional training we offer.

See Once DMS product sheet for more details.