PLM case: K-Lund

Customers like K-Lund (picture above) really appreciates our software to support their PLM and project delivery processes. They deliver a skid - a system with products ready for commissioning.

Since 1999, we have been helping project-oriented companies to become more product-oriented. Customers like FMC, Dressser-Rand and Cameron (previous TTS Sense) are all selling multiple products in a project settings. This is were it all began. We now have pieces of software altogether making us a mid-market sized PLM company.

Once CAD/PLM supports the process of harnessing design and high level specifications into detailed drawings with technical datasheets, 2D drawings and multi-discipline BOM structures. Then eventually some customers buy and you have a project with 10-50 product structures to deliver. We support all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic designs that are about to be procured and manufactured using an ERP system. For small-to-medium companies, we offer ERP as well.

Once CAD/PLM supports the engineered product from design to commissioning and service with:
- Full versioning of materials through the lifecycle
- Multi-discipline 2D / 3D integrated BOMs
- Rich material classification and tag database

We optimize PLM processes with document templates , tagging standards, el & insr. symbols for reuse in multiple projects.

In innovative ways, we support various of e-BOM, p-Bom, m-BOM design methods and philosophies. We support ERP with a web-services and API that enables us to improve product delivery processes for the customer with 20-30 per cent based on standardization.

Not to mention the option for generic document and drawing automation, which generates loop, wiring and circuit diagrams using the CAD engine available. Why don't you let our engineers demonstrate it to your engineers?

"Our customers have a high degree of complexity in their projects, and their owner / operators are again demanding; they require robust, but flexible software. Once CAD/PLM is the bridge across CAD/PLM, ERP information silos. Our clients are more cost-efficient, have high quality and less waste in their deliveries."

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