Once® is the infrastructure and digitalization tool for equipment suppliers of all sizes.






Once® in brief

Easy to get started.
Collaboration across disciplines.
Always updated content in the documentation.
Dashboard with full overview and control.
Cloud-based, but of course!

We use Once®

Once® makes the processes more efficient. This saves us time and money. The biggest advantage of Once® is the ability to have data from different disciplines continuously and completely updated throughout the whole production process. Everything is always available to everyone. Once® enables us to standardize and streamline.

Kjetil Salte, Department manager at K. Lund Offshore

Once® has been developed over several years in close collaboration with our largest customer, Cameron Sense, a company in the Schlumberger Group.

Cameron required a solution for project-based equipment deliveries that enabled them to meet customer specifications with minimum engineering effort in a common system for all disciplines.

With the Once® methodology and data model, this is today handled efficiently in collaboration with ERP and the PDM system.

Innovation Norway has supported the development.

Once® is the equipment suppliers’ tool and infrastructure for digitalization.

Once® is a scalable solution applicable to both smaller and larger companies.

Once® gives you an overview of your products, including complete multidiscipline lists with all relevant drawings, specifications and other documentation.

All participants in the projects get access to the necessary data to get the job done. Any changes made in a module will automatically be updated throughout the system.

Once® makes it possible to reuse products, modules or parts from previous projects. The product library ensures profitable sales and deliveries.

Efficient and simple to use, move your current documentation, drawings and BOMs into a secure cloud-based solution.

Once® has modules for purchasing and complex and efficient CAD schematic drawing. The only additional requirement for a SMB company is a 3D CAD tool for mechanical drawing and a financial management system.

Once® is specially developed for complex, multidiscipline engineering tasks. We combine extensive knowledge with forward-thinking software to increase competitiveness and value creation.

Sort your systems out and avoid doing things twice in all stages from sales to service with Once®!

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