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Once® is an efficient PLM tool that connects CAD and ERP systems and removes duplicate work from systems and equipment deliveries.

The solution ensures correct procurement documentation to the ERP system and updated project documentation from design to delivery.

This increases project control and profitability.

Once® is developed by and for engineers and delivered as a cloud service on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Some advantages with Once®

Access to all data for everyone, from everywhere

When you register a component in Once®, it is immediately searchable and available to your colleagues. With full control over engineering data and documentation, you avoid stress, mess, and unnecessary hassle during the work day.

Increase control and profits

With Once® in your value chain, everyone can access the same data throughout the project execution. Once® helps avoid mistakes, removes unneccessary double work, and keeps the content of your documentation up to date. Everything is entered only once, in one place. Time saved is money earned.

Get started painlessly

Your Once® journey will be positive from the start. We offer a non-binding workshop based on your own project data. This increases your knowledge about digitalization, and gives you the best possible basis for your decision, as well as a predictable, efficient and safe implementation should you end up choosing Once®.

ZEG Power chose Once®

Once® enables huge cost savings for ZEG Power. The experinences we have gathered from our pilot plant are all stored in Once®. We can reuse these data when we start work on our next plant. The platform grows along with us, and we are convinced that Once® will have a central role when we move from pilot to large scale hydrogen production.

Bjørn Filip Johannessen, Principal Mechanical Engineer, ZEG Power AS

More satisfied Once® users

Once® strikes the right balance between simplicity of use and the ability to efficiently handle Antec’s requirements within Sales, Engineering, Project, Document Management, and Supply Chain.
A key factor was the possibility of modularizing the design with an automated system for items and tags. This enables re-use with loads of data and documentation automatically transferred to a new project.
Once® methodology will dramatically improve how we work throughout a project, from items and tags, via BOM and P&ID to procurement and document management. Using Once®, we now have the possibility to include electro- and instrumentation as an integrated part of plant design so that the entire plant can be managed in one system.

Kristian Aas, Supply Chain Manager, Antec Biogas AS

Once® makes our processes more efficient, saving us time and money. The biggest advantage with Once® is the ability to have data from different disciplines continuously and completely updated throughout the whole production process.Everything is available to everyone at all times.  Once® enables us to standardise and streamline. Not least, Once® makes us look good when we communicate with our customers.

Børge Mugås, Project Engineer Instrument, K. Lund Offshore

Once® helps enable the green transition

A strengthened supplier industry is one of three opportunity spaces for Norway in a green and profitable transition.
The prerequisite is extreme utilisation of digital technologies in the automating and development of services that follow product lifecycles

From SINTEF’s future report 2050. Read the whole report here


Once® FAQ

How do we get started with Once®?

The threshold for getting started with Once® is low. The simplest way is to drag and drop project folders directly into Once®, and you’re off! Once® migrates existing engineering data such as items, tags, documents and files directly to the cloud. We offer your company a non-binding workshop based on your own project data, and close support from our experienced and competent employees who make sure that you get off to a safe and good start.

Does the use of Once® lead to increased sustainability?

Once® streamlines your project deliveries so that your company spends less time and resources. In Once®, you have control of all details of every component. Resource use, emissions and environmental impact can all be reported directly from Once®. With full control over your purchasing process, you avoid erroneous purchases.

Does Once® suit my company?

Once® suits every company whose customers require quality control and documentation of the systems and products delivered. Once® is developed by engineers for engineers. More than 20 years of know-how and best practices from the supplier industry are built into the solution, making it an intuitive and efficient system to use for multiple disciplines.

How secure is Once®?

Once® is a safe and technologically up-to-date solution, developed and delivered on the Microsoft Azure platform. The solution is developed in close partnership with Microsoft and with support from Innovation Norway.

How much does it cost?

Once® is a subscription-based service that includes operation, security, updates and support in the server licence. The Once® full user licence gives you full access to register and update engineering data in all modules. Also included are the Once 2D AutoCAD plug-in and the Once 3D Inventor plug-in.

The Once GO licence gives every employee and all subcontractors access to search all relevant data, as well as the possibility to contribute to processes like document sign-offs and checklist processing. It is highly likely that your organisation will achieve increased profitability from the first project delivered with Once®! 

How long does it take?

The road from investment to reward is short with Once. Several of our clients have completed their Once implementation within 2–3 months.

Now you can try Once® in your company


Now you can try Once® in your company

Do you want to join the profitable transition? Get started with Once® and work more efficiently with your projects. Together, we will strengthen the future competitiveness of your company.

Contact us today to get started.

Team Once®