Improved efficiency and increased control with Once®

As part of their continuous improvement and standardization work, K.LUND Offshore have implemented Once® as their common engineering database. This database secures correct and standard documentation for all internal work and increase quality and reduce time and effort.

When everyone has to use the same system, and not collect information from various historic project sources, there is a "single source" approach which in itself improves quality and saves time.

Once® is used to improve productivity and improve control of information produced for the clients. The Once® database was seen as a key tool to their internal improvement project starting last autumn. The thinking is that access to the correct information save time and effort every time there is a new customer sale, whether it is a project or single product sales.

Now, in 2016, the system is up and running, and even if activity in the market is low, there is still some activity in preparing K. LUND Offshore for the future with a more competitive tool.