Simplifies engineering with Autodesk Extensions

Once® Engineering Database and Drawing Automation tool has been working as a stand alone product for a long time. In an Integrated world, there are other programs to link with. For those of you using Autodesk Vault and Autocad Electrical, it is now possible to get the Once advantages of project configuration and BOM re-use under the same roof. 

In the 3D world of mechanical design, there is often a lot of effort put into the work of standardization for Production. Not always the same on electrical and instrumentation. These discipline may be left to a lot of manual update of 2D drawing based on project specific customization.

We believe it is possible to automate also these parts - to minimize the errors of copying and manually updating unintelligent drawings with Once®. In addition to removing manual update of drawings, the technical specifications in the engineering database is linked to drawings either in Autocad Electrical or directly to the Autodesk Vault item (see illustration).

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